API for AWS pricing

Looking for an easy way to get AWS pricing programitcaially? Just use the following three URI’s to get a JSON feed of transfer costs, as well as Reserved and On-Demand instance pricing:

TinyTDS & OSX 10.7

Very simple

Installing ELB command line tools on OSX / Linux

The ELB command line tools are pretty nice, and they are actually required to get a lot of important information which is unfortunately missing from the AWS ELB UI. Installation is actually quite simple, first go ahead and download the zip from here, and then just go ahead and do the following:

Print letters up to n in Ruby

Had a case the other day where I needed to create users accounts in a specific fashion. If I had less then 25 users I would use letters for the test accounts (eg: usera, userb, ect), if there were more then 25 I would use numbered accounts (eg: user1, user2, ect ) The problem was there could be any number of user accounts and I wanted to keep to this schema.

Upgrade Chef server to 0.10.8

Upgrading to Chef Server ( 0.10.8 ) is dead simple, takes probably 30 seconds.

Dynamic templates based on search results

So here is my use case, I have a two nodes which have to be configured to know about each other, but I can’t use multicast, and I want to be elastic, in that I can add a node and the others configs get updated. So to start we are going to have two nodes, gateway1 and gateway2, and each has a config file called sipmethod.xml which contains a node of XML data that defines the cluster.

Query Chef's RestAPI using Spice

Dan Ryan has an awesome gem on Github called Spice , which is a nice wrapper to the Chef Severs RestAPI. The one thing I didn’t find clearly documented was how to do a search based on things such as environment, roles, and run lists. However after a bit of digging I was able to get this working and I felt obliged to share w/ the class. The first thing you need to do is setup the Spice connection. This part of pretty straight forward and of course well documented: